~ 35 years of academic research in biotechnology

        ~ 20 years of R&D in startups and large pharma and biotechnological  companies and still ongoing

        more than 230 papers in peer reviewed journals

        5 books

        28 national and international patents

        more than 30 invited lecturing collaborations in universities and companies in Sweden, UK, USA, Japan, Czech Republic, Belgium, India, Holland, China, Slovenia, Singapore, Switzerland.

SKILLS: Biotechnology process development, Troubleshooting in production processes,            Bioorganic Synthesis, Protein Purification, Enzyme Modification and Immobilization, Affinity Chromatography, Down Stream Processing, Production of biopolymers, Water Soluble Polymers and their Industrial Production, Blood Plasma Expanders, Polymer Flocculation, Polymer gels, Environmental biotechnology, Wastewater Purification, Contaminated Soil Remediation.

PROVIDED SERVICES: Development of biotechnological processes all the way from the fermentation broth to final product,  adaptation of laboratory process for industrial production, scaling up from lab to pilot, early cost estimation.

Note: (!) such services are valuable for biotechnological start-ups especially those originated from academia as they have rather naïve view on production processes

FOREIGN LANGUAGES:  Fluent in English, Russian and Swedish, can read and communicate in Dutch, can read scientific German in my field.


Bioextrax AB: process development of biopurification of polyhydroxyalkonoates

Abbott: troubleshooting of production of 10 medicines

Hangzhou BioNanoEM Bioengineering: process development of bioproduction of environmentally friendly additives for improving oil recovery