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Who I am and what I can do best

Lots of new biotechnological products are constantly developed in the academic labs. The production strain is selected, and the fermentation protocol is in place. However, the fermentation broth containing the target substance is not yet a product to be delivered to the customer. DO YOU NEED TO DEVELOP SUCH A PRODUCT? I CAN HELP WITH THAT! FOR the PRODUCT to become sellable, the target substance should be purified and formulated in a way which is convenient for the customer usage. Here is exactly where |I EXCELL AT. My expertise and industrial experience are what YOU need. I can help you develop the production process which will be scalable , meet all the regulative or safety requirements and last but not least will be economically sound . No product will survive unless the customer is ready to pay for it . There is a production process behind each product. Only robust and economic production process could bring a new product to the market. Start developing your production process at